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Waynesville (Dayton) Ohio

5-10% Travel (Conferences, Spiritual Retreats, Mission Trips)


Reports to Lead Pastor


To apply for this position or to learn more email

If you were referred, please provide the name of the person who recommended you for the

position in your cover letter. 

CrossView is a multigenerational church family with a history (over 175 years) of ministry within Waynesville and the surrounding communities. We are currently seeking an Associate Pastor to help with our mission to “Go, Grow, and Glorify God”. The Associate Pastor will work as a member of a team to carry out this mission by assisting with operational support and outreach duties - including service planning and design, periodic speaking, marketing and advertising, and ministry leadership and coordination. 


Include, but are not limited to the following: 


Operations / Administration (Program / Project Management) 

  • Support the Lead Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching and weekend service planning, design and execution.  Assist the Lead Pastor in the overall programming of the church, aid in special projects, and implement specific assignments by the Lead Pastor related to general pastoral activities. 

  • Develop goals and objectives for CrossView’s ministries in line with the strategic plan. 

  • Assist the staff and volunteer ministry leaders in planning, coordinating and implementing programs related to their areas of responsibility. 

  • Work as a member of a team to achieve the goals and objectives of the church. 

  • Provide reports and updates to the Lead Pastor on ministry activities and accomplishments. 


Involvement / Engagement (People Leadership / Pathways) 

  • Generate and organize opportunities to serve, based on the needs within the church and community. 

  • Engage current members (and those who are new to CrossView) with spiritual growth/development activities and service opportunities. 

  • With help from volunteers, lead and implement discipleship and lifegroup initiatives. 

Communications / Outreach (Pulpit Teaching / Public Speaking) 

  • Function as second/back up speaker to the Lead Pastor with an “emergency sermon” always at the ready. 

  • Champion external marketing activities to maximize attendance of special outreach focused events and key evangelistic sermon series. 

  • Participate in the creation of videos and/or other creative elements for Sunday morning production (original video ideas, movie and television clips, drama possibilities, testimonials, bumper content, etc.). 

  • Oversee management of social media outlets and overall web presence. 

  • Education – Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical studies or related field. 

  • Experience – 5+ years of experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership capacity. 

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver dynamic Bible teaching. 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Strong presentation and facilitation skills. 

  • Highly organized with proven effective leadership and management skills. 

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills. 

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (or related software) and social media tools. 

  • Expresses core beliefs and values 

  • Embodies the fruits of the Spirit 

  • Demonstrates how he will equally embrace all generations (honors the past, prepares for the future) 

  • Desires to be a good steward of his personal and church finances 

  • Models a life of authenticity, transparency, humility, and servanthood 

  • Shepherds the congregation while evangelizing the community 

  • Consensus builder, confidence-inspirer, visionary leader 

  • Team Leader / Builder / Player 

  • Christ Centered: To be centered in Christ is to bring Him into our present context. We are convinced that Jesus Christ and His Word is the answer to all the issues that people of our church and community face. We believe that Jesus and He alone gives us a pattern how to live our lives as we follow Him in obedience. 

  • Inclusive: “Making room for all”. We will include all people from every social, economic, ethnic, and age status and every denominational background. We need to reflect our acceptance and sincere love towards our fellow human being as Jesus did, teaching the truth of God's Word 

  • Holistic: Our ministries need not only present the spiritual “BREAD OF LIFE” but also the physical bread that sustains life. More than just trying to bring everyone to heaven, we must also bring a little heaven to everyone. Help where help is needed in various areas of our community. 

  • Relevant: To be relevant in a world under constant change means to be flexible and willing to adapt. While the Word of God is unchanging and timeless, our methods and expressions of faith are flexible and relevant to our neighborhood. 

  • Relational: Our best opportunity for proclaiming the good news comes from our relationship with others. Jesus came in the flesh and lived among people; we should also be among the people creating opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ in real ways. 

  • Missional: It is not enough for us to be a Church that supports mission; we must ourselves be active in God’s mission of making and teaching Disciples. 

  • Infused by the Spirit: Our worship and service will be Spirit filled. We must not only know about God but also be able to experience God. We will be sensitive to the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit and recognize the gifts and fruit of the Spirit that are given to us. 

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